Department of Astronomy and Space Science

Mission , Vision , Objectives - Astronomy Science Dept. - Faculty of Science



From the premise that Section Astronomy sciences University is the only section in the Kingdom and the second in the Arab world, the section carries on his shoulder preparing distinct academic programs to raise the scientific level of college students phases bachelor's and master's. The Section To achieve his message through several axes :

1. Academic program for bachelor’s degree in most of astronomy science branches.

2. Academic program for higher studies aims at expanding the scope of scientific research in this field.

3. To develop laboratories on continuous basis through latest astronomy equipment and image / data analysis.

4. To publishing astronomical culture among students through public lecteres and forums,publishing articles in newspaper, magazines, and organizing courses for students.

5. Follow up with annual Astronomical events, publish comments through media and organize astronomical forums at universities, schools and associations.



Department aspires astronomy science to be experienced scientific, educational and cultural unique at the local level and regional level, by focusing on a number of disciplines and modern astronomical closer relationship with some of the world centers of becoming a centre scientifically distinct, and that section pioneer In the use of modern astronomical techniques in teaching university, and work to be a platform for cultural exposure in the community.



1)   In the field of theoretical research:

-    Develop and enhance the solar lab.

-    Develop Universal rays lab.

-    Establish a satellite station to enhance research in the area of space dynamics, movement of earth sunset and atmosphere changes.

-    Applied research in the area of standard astronomy such as earth, sea, and air space.

2)   In the field of providing grades:

To graduate astronomy bachelor’s and master degree holders to meet the labor market requirements in the following areas:

-    Professional solar system studies, sky mechanics, universe science, physical astronomy, physics, and space dynamics.

-    Applied fields of satellites: such as designed follow up of various satellites orbit and the factor affecting their stability in the orbits.

-    astronomical determination of Higra calendars spray times at different world countries.

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