Department of Astronomy and Space Science



Welcome to the Department of Astronomy and Space Science 
نظام الهدمات الالكترونية نظام الادارة الالكترونية البريد الالكتروني دليل الطالب والطالبة للسنة التجضيرية مسار العلوم الطبيعية مواقع اعضاء هيئة التدريس خدمة موقعي


The Department of Astronomy and Space Science in King Abdulaziz University is the first department of its kind in Saudi Arabia which is established to be one of the important foundations of scientific and space developments to build up generations aspire to be carriers and superior for this  science. Astronomical studies began in the second semester of the year 1396 H as a division within the Department of Physics and had awarded Bachelor's degree majoring in Astronomy and or Physics/Astronomy and then the decision of the Supreme Council of universities to approve the creation of a separate department as an independent department which grants bachelor degrees in two firlds: Physics/Astronomy and Mathematics/Astronomy. Since 1424 H the department began granting master's degree and lately the PhD program was started in the first semester of the academic year 1438/1437 H.


Developing the educational, research, cultural and developing aspect.


Leadership in Astronomy and space science research in the Arab world.


  1. To provide specialists in various fields of science and the applied field of Astronomy such as Geodesy, Navigation, and Aviation. 
  2. To propagate scientific culture by correlating astronomy with many important problems for Moslems such as Prayer times, New moon, the direction of "Quible", and calendars.
  3. To make scientific research in the field of Space and Astronomy.


Charity - Honesty - Cooperation - Creativity - Excellence - Responsibility - Sustainability