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ASTR 201


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Astr 201

General Astronomy (1)





Objectives of the course :

      The aim of this course is to give a general introduction about the space science and all celestial objects in the sky as well as the way to detect their coordinates according to the daily and yearly motions of the Earth around the Sun .

Course Description:

      This course contains the following subjects: Historical background. The different branches of astronomy and their applications and uses. The celestial sphere and apparent motions. Celestial coordinates. Measurements of time and calendars. An introduction to the study of the Planets and Kepler's law. Solar and lunar eclipses. Tides. Some physical properties about the Earth, the Sun, and stars .

Main text and subsidiary books :

-  "منظومة اليواقيت في فن المواقيت" شرح د. حسن محمد باصرة (2004م) الناشر ندوة الثقافة والعلوم.

-          New Solar System, Beaty and Chaikin 1990, 2nd edition .

-          Fundamental Astronomy, H. Karttumen, P. Kroger; 1996. Springer .

-          Contemporary Astronomy, Jay M. Pasachoff, Saunders College Publishing 1985 .


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