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ASTR 202


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Astr 202

General Astronomy  (2)




Astr 201

Objectives of the course :

      The aim of this course is to give some astronomical knowledge about celestial objects and physical and dynamical properties of the stars .

Course Description:

      This course contains the following subjects: The main characteristics of stars (distance, brightness, magnitude, surface temperature, color index, radius, mass, size, chemical composition) Spectral type. Stellar velocity (proper motion, radial motion, space velocity). H.R. diagram. The Stellar systems (single, double, Variables, clusters). Galaxies, Pulsations Quasars, and Black Hors .

Main text and subsidiary books:

-          OTO lectures on Astrophysics, D. Page, J. G. Hirsch: Springer 2000 .

-          Structure of the Universe A.E. Roy & D. Clarke, 1992 .

-          The Dynamical Universe Snow, West Pub. Company, 1988 .

-          Contemporary Astronomy, Jay M. Pasachoff, Saunders College Publishing 1985

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