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ASTR 304


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Astr 304

The celestial Navigation





Objectives of the course :

      The aim of this course is to give an idea about how to use the astronomical observation in the field of marine navigation.

Course Description:

 The celestial sphere, Apparent movement of heavenly bodies, Horizon coordinate system (Altitude and Azimuth), Equatorial coordinate system (Declination and hour angle), Greenwich and Sidereal time, The Navigation Triangle, Circumpolar stars, The Time Diagram, Twilight – nautical – civil. Nautical Almanac -  Increments and  d   &  v Corrections. Marine Sextant, Altitude corrections. Position by stars - Altitude Intercept - Hilaire method.

Main text and subsidiary books:

-          Admiralty Manual of Navigation, Vol. 2, HMSO, London, 1978.

-          The Principles and Practice of Navigation. By: A. Frost, Master M.R.I.N. 2001.

-          The Complete on-Board Celestial Navigator Everything but the Sextant. Geroge G. Bennett.2007.

-           Textbook on Spherical Astronomy, Sixth Edition Revised by R.M. Green, 1977.

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