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ASTR 321


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Astr 321

Variable & binary Stars




Astr 351

Objectives of the course :

      The aim of this course is to study the physical properties and space distribution of variable stars and the properties of Binary stars and its importance in the astronomical studies .  

Course Description:

      This course contains the following subjects : The classification of Binary stars – orbital parameters – visual binary – eclipsing binary stars (determine the orbital parameters, light curves) – spectral binary stars (determine the orbital parameters, velocity curves) – X binary stars. The classification of variables and technique of observation. Semi regular and irregular variables. Location of variables on H-R diagram. Periodical analysis of light curves for different variables. Analysis of the observational data to detect some experimental relations for variable stars. The importance of variable stars in cosmic studies .

Main text and subsidiary books:

-          Eclipsing Binary Stars, J. Kallarathand, E.F. Milonc, 1999 .

-          Strohmeier, W. "Variable Stars" 1972.

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