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ASTR 341


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Astr 341

Celestial Mechanics (1)




Astr 331

Objectives of the course :

The aim of this course is to study the laws of motion for celestial bodies natural or artificial, and to study the effects of the different perturbations on them .

Course Description:

      This course contains the following subjects : Analytical study of Kepler's and Newton's laws. The potential of the gravitational field. Earth's rotation. Rectilinear motion near the Earth's surface. Central motion. The two body problem. Space orbital elements and their computations. Expansions of elliptic motion. Oblate ness perturbation on the motion of the artifical satellites. Drag effect on the motion of artificial satellites., Dynamics of stellar systems .

Main text and subsidiary books:

-          Orbital and celestial mechanics: 1998, John, P. Vinti. Edited by Gim, J. Der. Nino, L .  Bonavito. AIAA Education Series, USA .

-          An Introduction to Mathematics and Method of Astrodynamics: 1999, Battin. AIAA Education Series, USA .

-          Satellite Orbits: 2000, O. Montenbruck. Springer, Germany .

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