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ASTR 422


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Astr 422

Space Physics




Astr 331


Objectives of the course :

      The aim of this course is to give general knowledge about the sources of the charged particles in the space and its interaction with the magnetic and electric fields in space.

Course Description:

      The course contains the following subjects:  The sources of the charged particle in the space - The sources of the magnetic and electric fields in space -  The interaction between the charged particle and the electric and the magnetic fields in space – Solar wind –  Earth’s magnetosphere and ionosphere - Geomagnetic phenomena and aurora.

Main text and subsidiary books: 

-          Introduction to space physics: 1995, Atmo Kivelson, Margaret, G. Kivelson (Editor) , Christopher, T. Russel (Editor). Amazon, USA .

-          Basic space plasma physics: 1996. W. Baumjohann, Amazon, USA .

-          Space Physics: 1998. M.B. Kallenrode. Springer, Germany .


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