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ASTR 453


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Astr 453

Stellar Interior




Astr 352


Objectives of the course :

      The aim of this course is to study the solution of stellar interior equations, knowing the analytical or numerical formation to the physical properties in stellar interior, and studies of the chemical abundances through the stellar evolution .

Course Description:

      This course contains the following subjects: Thermal hydrodynamic equilibrium in stellar interior. Instigated theories for solution of the elementary stellar interior equations. Determination of pressure, temperature, and density. Numerical solution for different stellar interior models. Nuclear reactions and energy generation in stellar interior. Different stages of stellar evolution .

Main text and subsidiary books:

-          Steller interiors, Hanson, Kawaler, 1994, Springer .

-          Stellar structure and Evolution, Kippenhahn, 1994. Springer .

The Physics of Stars : S.A. Kaplan-John Wiley and Sons, 1981
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